At Friends & Family HVAC, we want you to always feel comfortable inside your house. While ductless mini split systems can provide many years of reliable cooling and heating in your home, a breakdown can cause you to quickly become uncomfortable. If you are having problems with your ductless system, we can make your home comfortable again with our ductless mini split repair services in Corona, CA. 

    At Friends & Family HVAC, we look forward to serving you. Schedule ductless air conditioning repair services by filling out an online form or calling (866) 482-2326 today.

    Trusted Mini Split Repair Services in Corona, CA

    Even if your ductless system hasn’t completely broken down, you may still need a ductless AC repair. Because heating and cooling often account for a large percentage of your home’s energy consumption, keeping your HVAC system in good repair can help your home to be more efficient as well as more comfortable. 

    At Friends & Family HVAC, we can find out what is causing your system to run less efficiently and fix it. We also provide ductless mini split cleaning services to help maintain it. If there is a problem, we have seen it before and we can help.

    Signs That You Need a Ductless Mini Split Repair

    Watching for signs that your ductless mini split system may be about to break down is a good way to stay on top of repairs. Typically, the sooner we can perform your ductless mini split repair, the more minor the problem will be. Here are some of the most common signs.

    Your Mini Split Is Blowing Cold Air on Heat

    If your mini split is blowing cold air on heat or the air seems lukewarm when you have it set to air conditioning, there may be a problem with your system. We will check for problems with your thermostat, refrigerant leaks, a malfunctioning compressor, and more.

    You Have High Energy Bills

    If your energy bills are suddenly much higher than usual, this may be another sign that you need a mini split repair. Your system may be working too hard to heat or cool your home because of wear and tear, broken components, or a dirty filter. 

    You Notice Leaking Water

    Sometimes a clogged condensate line, a broken drain pain, dirty filters, or frozen evaporator coils can cause water to leak from your system. If you notice staining, condensation, ice, or moisture on or near your system, you can call us for a ductless mini split repair. 

    You Hear Strange Noises From Your Unit

    If your system is noisier than usual, it may be time for a ductless mini split cleaning service or a repair. When both the indoor and outdoor units are clean, your system will run much smoother and be quieter and more efficient.

    You Smell a Foul Odor

    A bad smell coming from your ductless mini split system could indicate anything from a dirty filter to a clogged drain line. During our mini split repair services, we will check your system for the source of the odor and resolve the problem. Are you noticing signs of a ductless mini split breakdown? Call us for ductless mini split air conditioner repair today.

    24/7 Emergency Ductless AC Repair

    If your system has suddenly stopped working, we offer 24/7 emergency ductless air conditioning repair. We will come out at any time of the day or night to troubleshoot the problem with your system and get it running again as fast as possible.

    Repair Discounts With Our Family Rewards Plan

    If you are looking for a way to make your ductless mini split air conditioner repair even more convenient and affordable, you can become a member of our Family Rewards Plan. When you are a member, you get discounts on your repairs, priority service, free tune-ups each year for your HVAC system, and a lifetime parts and labor warranty on repairs. Plus, the costs of your repair and your rewards payments will be credited towards equipment, ducts, and insulation. 

    Call Us for Ductless AC Repair in Corona, CA

    Breakdowns are never convenient. But when you have Friends & Family HVAC to take care of you, getting the problem fixed will be as simple as possible. We have NATE-certified technicians, all of our services are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, and we care for our customers like they are family. When you need ductless mini split repair, we are here for you.

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