Keeping your home warm during the Inland Empire’s cooler months isn’t just important—it’s essential to your everyday comfort. While an electric furnace can hold the line against the chill, you may also find yourself wondering: could a gas furnace service your home better?

Don’t spend hours searching for “gas furnace replacement near me” online. Let the local Friends & Family HVAC experts give you a hand. Our team specializes in gas furnace installation, replacement, and repair. We’ll make sure that a professional takes care of your HVAC needs as soon as possible.

Our Gas Furnace Services

The Friends & Family HVAC team has served Corona, Covina, and Ontario for eight years and counting. Our residential gas furnace services include:

Gas Furnace Installation

Gas furnaces come with a lot of benefits. Not only are these furnaces more energy-efficient, but they can help you save money on your monthly utilities. If you’re moving into a new home or have just finished new construction, our team can fit your property with the gas furnace you’ve been dreaming of.

When you first start considering a gas furnace, our team will walk you through all of a potential unit’s unique factors. These can include the unit’s size as well as the placement of vents throughout your home. If necessary, our team can help you redirect your existing vents to better suit your gas unit. 

What’s more, you can count on our team for regular gas furnace tune-ups. After your installation is complete, stay in touch with our experts and schedule furnace inspections on a routine basis. We’ll help you stay on top of any potential damage, saving you money all the while.

Gas Furnace Replacement

If you have an older gas furnace or a traditional electric unit, our team can help you find the perfect replacement. Work with a Friends & Family HVAC team member to discuss your needs and any spatial restrictions you may have. Our team can remove your old furnace, install a replacement gas unit, and run new ducts through your home as necessary.

Gas Furnace Repair

Time, excessive use, and inadequate maintenance can all cause your gas furnace to work less effectively than it’s meant to. Luckily, you don’t have to resign yourself to living with a less-than-useful gas furnace. Our team can not only help you identify what’s gone wrong with your furnace, but we can also recommend budget-friendly repairs.

Get In Touch With Our Team

Gas furnaces come with a lot of benefits. Not only can you rely on these furnaces when your power goes out, but you can exert more control over your home’s energy use.

Whether you want to install a new gas furnace in your home, replace an older model, or invest in gas furnace repairs, call on Friends & Family HVAC. With eight years of service in Corona, Covina, and Ontario, we’ll do our best to ensure that your residential furnace receives the service it needs.

Contact one of our team members by calling our office. You can also submit any questions you have about our gas furnace services through our online form.