When people reach out to Friends & Family HVAC about issues with their heating and cooling systems, we often discover that the issue at hand is their thermostat. It can be difficult to tell what the real cause of these problems can be. Here are some of the key signs that something may be wrong with your thermostat.

Signs You Need Thermostat Repair

Think you have a faulty thermostat? If you notice any of the following issues with your device, it’s time to call Friends & Family HVAC.

A Discrepancy Between Set and Actual Temperatures

The whole point of your thermostat is to keep your home at that specific temperature. If you find that your home is always hotter or colder than the temperature you set, your thermostat could be miscalibrated or otherwise require thermostat repairs.

Inadequate or Excessive Cycling

When working properly, your heating and cooling systems will cycle (in other words, turn on and off periodically). However, if your system is rapidly switching between on and off (short-cycling) or is always on, you very likely have a broken thermostat.

System Won’t Turn On at All

If your thermostat is broken or damaged, you may be unable to use it to activate your heating and cooling systems. Try fiddling with the temperature setting to see if turning it up or down activates the system to determine if it’s miscalibrated or completely broken.

Fast and Affordable Thermostat Repairs

The professional team of HVAC technicians at Friends & Family HVAC has the necessary experience to find out just what’s wrong with your thermostat. We’ve carried out countless thermostat repairs here in Corona, CA, USA, and can quickly determine if the issue is your thermostat or some other element of your heating and cooling system.

We can carry out effective thermostat calibrations to bring your actual and set temperatures back in line, along with fixing other elements of your thermostat and its connection to your heating and cooling.

Having trouble with your state-of-the-art smart thermostat? We have the knowledge and expertise to repair these and get your system back to work. Our team can determine if the issue is with the settings or faulty components and then deliver a fast and effective smart thermostat repair.

The Lennox Brand: Modern Thermostat Replacements

Friends & Family HVAC can also provide your home with a quality thermostat replacement. We work with the finest brands like Lennox® to ensure that you get the most dependable, accurate, and energy-efficient control for your heating and cooling systems.

A smart thermostat replacement by Family & Friends HVAC can give your home access to the most advanced features on the market today. You’ll have accurate control that you can configure for your specific needs. That includes advanced scheduling tools that let you keep your home at the optimal temperature at all times.

These models even feature Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you control your home’s temperature remotely. You’ll get even more out of your new thermostat with smart-home integration available with all major smart-home systems available today.

Thermostat Repairs and Replacements You Can Count On

Friends & Family HVAC strives to deliver the highest quality service for all of our valued customers. Our professional technicians provide quick, reliable, and safe service for all of your HVAC needs. If you think it’s time for a thermostat replacement or repair, reach out to Friends & Family HVAC today.