People rarely think about the condition of their AC system until something goes wrong. A quick repair job by a certified technician often solves a problem, but restorative work begins to lose its effectiveness as a unit ages. At this point, homeowners should look into AC Replacement as a way to ensure that a cool climate is maintained when it’s needed most and utility costs return to a more manageable level.

A Trusted and Reliable HVAC Service Provider

For almost a decade, the team at Friends & Family HVAC has offered expert residential AC replacement services in Corona, CA. These skilled technicians are fully trained and certified in the most up-to-date HVAC practices and can service any make or model with confidence. All work is guaranteed, and the technicians will never leave a project in a temporary state of repair. The team also consults with each customer beforehand to discuss the issue and costs involved before beginning repairs. If the technicians can’t fix the problem, the work comes free of charge.

It’s Time to Eliminate an Uncomfortable Indoor Climate

All air conditioning units reach an age where they no longer keep the home adequately cooled regardless of repair work. Rather than suffer through uncomfortable temperatures with a system that’s struggling to keep up, homeowners should turn to an HVAC contractor providing AC replacement services in Corona for recommendations on a new system. Companies like Friends & Family HVAC will be more than happy to assess the old unit and household needs to determine which make and model will serve as the best replacement.

Establishing Up-Front Pricing For Free 

The thought of replacing a central air conditioner can be troubling to many homeowners due to the cost involved. To alleviate this mindset, HVAC contractors provide a free quote service to anyone needing a new system. The quote will detail all of the parts and labor costs involved in removing the old system and installing new components. Customers can then consult with a company representative to determine if any changes can better fit the quote within their budgetary needs before making a commitment.

Financial Assistance is Readily Available

Any individuals who are still wavering on the cost can turn to the financing services that Friends & Family HVAC partner with. These programs help establish credit and an affordable monthly payment for anyone needing a little help. Friends & Family also offers special discounts for various installation services that lower the overall cost or provide interest-free payments for a specified amount of time.

Skilled Technicians Make Installations a Breeze

Once the AC replacement process begins, homeowners can depend on the team’s professionalism and craftsmanship to shine. The technicians have the plumbing, electrical, and carpentry skills to seamlessly retrofit a new air conditioning unit into existing ductwork, electrical, and plumbing systems. They are also very aware of their surroundings to ensure that the homeowner’s possessions are not accidentally damaged. Any existing components that are no longer needed are removed from the home and hauled away for disposal at no extra charge. Customers can also rely on the team to thoroughly clean up after the project is complete, leaving very little evidence they were there.

An Open and Honest Work Ethic

Throughout the project, the team members will be courteous and alert the homeowner to any issue that might arise. If additional work is required, the company will stick to its quoted pricing and write off any additional costs. All work is guaranteed so if something does happen after the installation, a technician will return to resolve the situation for free.