Living in Corona, CA, exposes you to uncomfortable weather in the summer. But it’s more tolerable when you know you have a properly working air conditioner to escape the heat. If you forget to schedule an AC tune-up in the spring, your HVAC system may begin to give you trouble at the worst time. 

    If you wait until the last minute, your AC repair issues could become critical, and you may have to wait for a reliable HVAC company. Being proactive and scheduling an AC system tune-up with Friends & Family HVAC before temperatures climb can prevent the need for emergency repairs. 

    We are the experienced team you need to ensure your air conditioner will run efficiently through the entire summer in Corona, CA.  

    When Should You Schedule an AC Tune-Up? 

    When properly maintained, your air conditioner should last for many years. To help keep your system going, it needs an HVAC tune-up from a qualified professional. Neglecting this essential maintenance can lead to problems that will cost you money, either through energy bills or the system’s failure. 

    Keep up with regular air conditioning tune-up appointments to avoid costly repairs. Call Friends & Family HVAC if you notice any of these signs:     

    • AC runs all of the time 
    • Strange noises coming from your unit 
    • Uncomfortable indoor temperatures 
    • Increased humidity 
    • Lack of airflow from the vents 
    • Higher than usual energy bills 

    If your air conditioner frequently cycles on and off, it’s time to call our HVAC specialists. 

    The Importance of an AC Tune-Up 

    Every air conditioner has many internal components that eventually succumb to wear and tear. Regular visits from an HVAC specialist in Corona, CA, will help maximize the comfort of your home. Get on the schedule in the early spring to detect potential issues before you need your air conditioner most.    

    An air conditioning tune-up gives the experts at Friends & Family HVAC a chance to look over your entire system to find any signs of trouble. They can replace small damaged parts and apply lubrication to keep things moving.   

    Benefits Gained from a Professional AC Tune-Up

    One significant benefit of tune-up appointments is preventing emergency repairs. But you can gain much more from regular visits with an experienced technician. 

    Improved Indoor Temperatures 

    If you’ve noticed uneven temperatures in your Corona, CA, home, one of our friendly technicians might be able to resolve this issue during a scheduled tune-up. When your AC system works properly, it will cool your home evenly and create more stable temperatures.    

    Air Conditioner Doesn’t Work as Hard 

    After a thorough tune-up, all AC components should work as designed. Your unit will no longer struggle to cool your home and will use much less energy. 

    Lower Energy Bills 

    As your AC system requires less energy to run, you may notice your energy bills decrease. With regular tune-ups from Friends & Family HVAC, you can feel confident that your system will work at peak efficiency and use the least energy.  

    Fewer AC Repairs 

    Your entire AC system is inspected during a tune-up, so any signs of trouble can be detected early. A technician may repair minor issues the same day to prevent the problems from getting worse. 

    Better Indoor Air Quality 

    Your air conditioner doesn’t run during the winter months, leaving it vulnerable to dirt, dust, and debris. Turning it on will send a blast of unwanted particles into your home. Ignoring this will cause poor indoor air quality in your Corona, CA, home and irritate any allergies you may have.   

    Prolonged Life of the System

    Many appliances require maintenance to keep running. Without maintenance, your system will fail, leaving you stuck without an air conditioner. 

    The average HVAC system has a lifespan of 15 years, but with attention from the team at Friends & Family HVAC, you’re taking the necessary steps to ensure your AC lasts as long as possible. 

    Ensures Manufacturers Warranty Remains Valid 

    Manufacturer warranties are helpful when part of the system is faulty. But these agreements are only valid if you have the system professionally inspected every year. Forgetting to schedule an air conditioning tune-up will invalidate your warranty, and faulty components will no longer be covered.   

    The AC Tune-Up Appointment 

    When our technicians arrive at your home, you can expect friendly, professional customer service. Throughout the appointment, you can expect the following checklist to be completed: 

    • Thermostat recalibration
    • Clean or replace the air filter 
    • Top off any liquids 
    • Clean and inspect coils, fins, and electrical components 
    • Remove debris from around the unit 
    • Check for cracks, leaks, or problems with the airflow 
    • Clean the blower motor, if necessary 

    These may seem minor, but when one of these parts is faulty, it can cause big problems with your air conditioner.  

    HVAC Tune-Up from Experienced Professionals 

    A well-functioning air conditioner provides many additional benefits. However, one of the most important is a more comfortable home. We’re happy to help with that. 

    Call the Friends & Family HVAC team when you need fast, reliable customer service from experienced technicians. Schedule your air conditioning tune-up today and keep out of the heat!