Corona homeowners and their families rely on air conditioners to maintain comfortable temperatures throughout the hot summer months, yet few people pay attention to their AC units until something goes wrong. Ignoring minor problems or assuming there’s nothing to worry about if the air is still blowing cold is a mistake. The best way to keep operating costs low and avoid unexpected breakdowns is to work with AC inspection services in Corona, CA.

The Benefits of Annual Air Conditioner Inspections

Experts recommend that all California homeowners schedule annual AC Inspections, even if they have new air conditioners that seem to be running just fine. Routine inspections give HVAC technicians the chance to tune up the system and make sure everything is operating as intended, so they’re well worth the cost. Here’s why:

Regular Inspections Improve Efficiency

If an AC unit has worn or damaged components, it may not be immediately obvious. Homeowners may not notice common warning signs of trouble, such as unusual noises or constant cycling. However, the loss of efficiency will be hard to ignore when it sends monthly cooling bills skyrocketing. Scheduling an AC inspection will ensure that the unit is operating efficiently, helping to keep monthly electric bills low.

Reduce the Need for Repairs

Well-maintained air conditioners aren’t just more efficient. They’re also less likely to break down. The alternative is to wait until something goes wrong to call a technician, but that’s not the best plan. It means that the home’s residents will have to live with the sweltering heat until their AC technicians arrive, and homeowners will have to pay for potentially expensive repairs. Routine inspections will allow technicians to identify and resolve minor problems before they become major issues, helping to keep maintenance and repair costs low and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Improved Comfort

Not all the benefits of air conditioner inspections pertain to cost savings. A well-maintained AC unit will also be better at maintaining sufficiently cool temperatures during the hottest days of summer and will provide better indoor air quality.

What to Expect During an AC Inspection

The experts at Friends & Family HVAC know just what it takes to provide superior AC maintenance and comprehensive inspections. All homeowners have to do is call to schedule an inspection, then wait for the technician to arrive on time to provide his or her valuable services. During the inspection, the AC technician will:

  • Check the thermostat to make sure it’s functioning properly
  • Clean or replace the unit’s air filter
  • Inspect the electrical wiring and fuses
  • Tighten electrical connections as needed
  • Check the contacts for signs of burning or pitting
  • Test the unit’s relays and pressure controls
  • Check the amperage to the unit’s motors and its supply voltage
  • Inspect the connections and lines to check for leaks
  • Clean the condenser coils
  • Check the seals and secure the panels
  • Clean the evaporator coils and drain pans
  • Check the refrigerant levels and test the pressure
  • Test the capacitors
  • Inspect the blades of the condenser fans

If the technicians identify any potential problems, they’ll let homeowners know immediately and come up with a plan for resolving them. Expect to get a full report on the system’s current level of wear and its efficiency. If there are any major repairs that need to be performed to get it back into top shape, the technician may need to schedule a second appointment.