When you live in the Inland Empire, you want a name you can rely on for AC services. Friends & Family HVAC provides homeowners in Corona and the surrounding area with top-notch air conditioner services. We value honesty and are proud of the work we’ve done for customers across Southern California. 

The Best “AC Replacement Near Me” in Inland Empire, CA

There are many air conditioner problems in the Inland Empire that an AC repair service can solve. But cooling systems don’t last forever, especially if you’ve been unable to maintain them as well as you should. But no matter the problem, Friends & Family HVAC can make an AC replacement easy and rewarding.

Signs You Need an AC Replacement 

Often, you’re aware you need an AC replacement until you see severe signs of a major malfunction. If your home starts cooling inconsistently or stops cooling entirely, that’s one major problem that won’t go away on its own. 

Unit Issues

You also want to keep an eye out for new and unusual noises. Your air conditioner should run with little to no noise, so if you hear a grinding or squeaking, it means that the inner mechanics are beginning to fail. The same applies if you notice a strange smell. If your cooling system suddenly stinks—mainly if it produces a burning and acidic smell—you need to turn off the unit and give it immediate attention.

Energy Issues

You’d think that if your cooling system started to fail you, it would use less energy in the process. Contrary to that, a failing AC system will use more power to do less work. When that happens, you’ll see your energy bill spike significantly for seemingly no reason. At that point, especially if the unit is over a decade old, it’s better for everyone involved to give your cooling system an upgrade.

Benefits of an AC Upgrade

When you go through an AC replacement with Friends & Family HVAC, you’re giving your home a major upgrade that’ll make any summer in the Inland Empire an absolute breeze. 

The new AC units on the market are just better across the board. They’re more robust yet more efficient, which means that they can cool your house better and with less power. 

You also get a fresh slate in annual maintenance. Your system will be installed—brand-new and in top condition—and you’ll only have to schedule yearly tune-ups to ensure your system’s health. For the rest of the year, you can rest easy knowing that your house can be exactly as cool as you want at the drop of a hat.

Your “Friends & Family” in Inland Empire

For any air conditioner service in the Inland Empire, Friends & Family HVAC can cool you off when you need it the most. AC problems don’t magically solve themselves when left unattended. They usually just get worse. So to keep yourself from having to deal with a costly repair or an unnecessary replacement, contact us today. Our technicals will give you what you need to get off the hot seat.