Modern families rely on their HVAC systems to maintain comfortable temperatures in their homes year-round, and most systems use ducts to bring the treated air to each room. If those ducts are old, damaged, or leaky, it can reduce the system’s efficiency and make it harder to keep the home comfortably cool in the summer or warm in the winter. Duct Repairs provide a perfect solution.

    Why Call Duct Repair Services?

    When homeowners notice that their ducts have developed cracks, leaks, or loose connections, they have two options. They can try to make repairs themselves by tracking down each leak and sealing it with duct tape, but that’s a temporary solution at best and it’s almost impossible to locate every leak. The better option is to call for Duct repair services in Corona, CA. HVAC contractors have access to specialized tools that make it easier to identify and resolve all kinds of leaks and other problems.

    Eliminating leaks, installing insulation, and balancing airflow will improve the HVAC system’s efficiency. Improved efficiency translates to lower monthly energy bills, increased furnace and air conditioner longevity, and a reduction in the need for HVAC repairs. Duct repair can also improve indoor air quality and make it easier to maintain comfortable temperatures year-round.

    Common Reasons for Duct Repair

    Holes and cracks aren’t the only problems that come up with older ductwork, though active leaks are very common. Other common reasons to call for duct repair include:

    Loose Connections

    Older ducts have seams, and those connections can loosen up over time. Just as much air can leak out of a loose seam as a visible hole or crack. HVAC contractors can fix the ducts and seal up leaky seams so they don’t allow treated air to escape into attics, crawlspaces, or the wrong rooms of the house.

    Lack of Proper Insulation

    Even if there are no visible leaks, older ducts may still be losing energy if they are not insulated. Heat can be transferred through the walls of the ductwork themselves, leaving homeowners puzzled as to why their HVAC systems aren’t operating efficiently. Insulating the ducts will make it easier to maintain comfortable temperatures.

    Unbalanced Airflow

    Unbalanced airflow is often the first sign of trouble that homeowners notice in regards to their ductwork. It occurs when the ducts route too much heated or cooled air to one or more rooms at the expense of the others. If some rooms of the home are colder than they should be in the summer and others remain too hot, it’s time to call for duct repairs.

    The Duct Repair Process

    Every HVAC company has a different process for resolving duct problems, but most follow the same basic steps for duct repair. Here’s what to expect:

    Step One: Request an Estimate

    Homeowners can get the duct repair process started by calling the experts at Friends & Family HVAC. Feel free to ask questions about the process and request a no-obligation estimate. If homeowners want to proceed, they’ll schedule a convenient time for the technicians to arrive to make the repairs.

    Step Two: Comprehensive Diagnostic Testing

    Once the HVAC technicians arrive, they will perform comprehensive diagnostic testing to identify leaks and uncover potential airflow problems. They may need to seal off certain parts of the HVAC system to determine the leaks’ precise locations.

    Step Three: Duct Sealing

    Duct sealing is the key to eliminating cracks and holes. Depending on what type of sealant the technicians use, homeowners may need to wait for several hours before using their systems. When in doubt, ask how long the curing process will take.

    Step Four: Duct Insulation

    For older homes with uninsulated ductwork, duct sealing alone may not be enough to optimize the HVAC system’s efficiency. The good news is, the HVAC technicians can install duct insulation in unconditioned spaces during the same visit. The insulation will reduce heat transfer and improve the whole system’s efficiency.

    Step Five: Address Airflow Issues

    If duct sealing and insulation aren’t enough to address unbalanced airflow, the technicians may need to take further action. They can install transfer grills and jumper ducts to improve airflow by equalizing the supply and return of air.


    Call to Schedule Duct Repair

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