At Friends & Family HVAC, we know that you can have the most beautifully designed home interior, but if the temperature is wrong and the air quality is poor, you won’t be able to enjoy any of it. We want to help you savor every moment you spend in your home by taking care of one of the most important things in your home–your HVAC system.

Residential HVAC Services in Canyon Lake, CA

When you look for residential HVAC services, look for a company with NATE-certified technicians. All of our technicians have this certification which makes them the best in the area. They will bring their experience and compassion to every service including our heating and cooling installations, repairs, and maintenance.

AC Services

Sometimes when your air conditioner breaks down, you need an AC repair. Other times, a replacement will be more worth your money. In the end, whether you are replacing or repairing, we just want you to have a cool and comfortable place to retreat to during the summer heat.

AC Replacement and Installation

Maybe you are building your dream home in Canyon Lake and you want to get your AC installed right the first time. Or maybe you need an AC replacement for an old system. With our residential HVAC services, you will get just what you need. We help you choose the right system, from mini splits to central air, and then install it properly so you don’t have any problems in the future.

AC Repair

You’ll know it’s time for an AC repair when you aren’t feeling comfortable in your home anymore. Air conditioners become less efficient the longer they run. A problem with any of the components will make the air too warm or keep it from bringing your house down to the right temperature. Call us for repairs when any of these problems happen or when you notice loud noises, water leaks, or a bad odor.

AC Maintenance

If you don’t use your air conditioner for a couple of months during the winter, you may notice it doesn’t work as well once you turn it on again. That’s why we always recommend scheduling AC maintenance to have your system cleaned and serviced before you need it again. If you live in Canyon Lake, CA, you are in our service area for annual AC tune-ups.

Heating Services

When you’re used to the hot weather in Canyon Lake, the first chilly day can be shocking. Having a heater that is tuned up and ready to go will be a big relief. Let us take care of your furnace or heat pump.

Heating Installation

Knowing the right heating solution to choose for your home can be difficult. There are lots of factors such as installation cost, efficiency, running cost, and the price of electricity or gas in your service area. We give you all of the information you need to make a good choice. Whether you decide on a geothermal heat pump or a gas furnace, you can trust the quality of our installations.

Heating Repair

If your furnace breaks down in the middle of the night during a cold spell, you don’t need to wait until everyone in your house has a chill. We offer 24/7 emergency services to get the heat back on in your house. We service all types of heating systems in Canyon Lake.

Heating Maintenance

Tune-ups are just as important for heaters as they are for air conditioners. Before winter, we will look closely at all of the components to find any worn-out parts or safety hazards. We’ll clean it inside and out, put oil on moving parts, and give it a clean bill of health for winter.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor air quality is a big part of your home comfort. With our indoor air quality services, we look at things like the humidity in your home and how many allergens or other pollutants are in the air.

Duct Cleaning

Many of the things that irritate your lungs and make you sneeze can end up sitting in your ductwork. It’s out of sight, but eventually, the pollutants will end up back in the air. Let us clean your ductwork and safely get rid of dust and allergens for good.

Home Filtration and Purification

You can catch more pollen and other allergens with a good HEPA filter. We can install these for you to give your system extra protection. We can also install home air purifiers into your HVAC system. They will work to eliminate pollutants before they even make it to the air you breathe.

Trust the Experts in Canyon Lake, CA

There’s a lot that goes into a comfortable home. You’ll need heating and cooling systems that are the right size and made by a reliable company. You’ll also need regular maintenance of your HVAC system to keep it running efficiently. But the most important decision you will make is who you choose for all of your heating, cooling, and air quality needs.

At Friends & Family HVAC, we are a part of this community. We want everyone in Canyon Lake to feel like they have a friend or a family member that is also an HVAC technician. We will treat you the same way a trusted friend would when coming to help you with a heating or cooling problem. If you need HVAC services in Canyon Lake, CA, give us a call today.