Your furnace is like the heart of your home. It keeps your living space comfortable all year round, but especially during cooler months of the year. And an inefficient or damaged unit can spell trouble for your home.

It doesn’t matter whether you have an electric furnace or a gas unit. Friends & Family HVAC has eight years of experience serving the Inland Empire, and we’re ready to help you.

Common Furnace Problems to Watch For

Each residential furnace has its quirks, but most systems encounter the same issues across all homes. Our team knows how to address some of the most common sources of furnace failure quickly and efficiently. Our areas of expertise include:

  • Filter replacement
  • Pilot and ignition assessment
  • Thermostat recalibration
  • Damaged ducts
  • Blower and cycling care

If you think something’s gone amiss with your furnace, you can give our team a call. After an initial inspection, we’ll sit down with you and let you know what problem may be plaguing your unit. From there, we’ll work with you to determine what kinds of repairs suit your needs and budget.

Emergency Furnace Repair

You can’t always predict when something may go wrong with your furnace. If your unit stops working in the middle of winter, however, you need to know that a team in your area can help restore your heat as soon as possible. 

Friends & Family HVAC specializes in emergency furnace repair. We can have a professional out at your home within hours of you calling our office. Our experts will work with you to implement temporary furnace repairs, ensuring that you have heat throughout your home. From there, our team will work to conduct more comprehensive repairs. This way, we can prevent recurrent damage, ensuring that your home stays comfortable for the foreseeable future.

Furnace Repair Versus Furnace Replacement

There may come a time when repairing your furnace won’t help your unit maintain its old efficiency. Furnaces that have been in use for ten years or more often can’t provide their homes with the heating they need, regardless of their many repairs. With that in mind, know that you can always discuss furnace replacement services with the Friends & Family HVAC team.

If you’re not sure what kind of condition your furnace is in, let our team take a look. After an initial inspection, we’ll let you know what damage your furnace has sustained and whether or not your home’s needs have contributed to its wear. If it seems like your home may benefit from a different unit, we’ll help you explore the options you have available to you.

Call Family & Friends HVAC for an Inspection

Your furnace repair doesn’t have to be a complicated process. If you think that something’s gone amiss, you can find “furnace repair near me” in no time at all. Friends & Family HVAC has served Corona, Covina, and Ontario for eight years, and we’re excited to bring our experts into your home.

To schedule your first consultation, reach out via phone. You can also submit furnace repair questions and concerns through our online form.

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