It’s easy to underestimate the thermostats in homes across Corona, CA. These small fixtures, especially in older homes, don’t appear too glamorous. In fact, they might even be a nuisance for one reason or another.

The technology behind thermostats has been evolving for over a century. And in the past decade or so, they’ve done some incredible things to improve household comfort and efficiency. But what if your home is still stuck in the 70s? If you’re living in a time capsule of inefficiency, a thermostat installation can bring you back to the modern age.

Signs You Need A New Thermostat Installation

Your thermostat’s main job is to work directly with your HVAC system. If the fixture is not allowing you to control your heating or air conditioning, it could be a sign that the wiring inside is worn to the point where it breaks the connection to your HVAC. Similarly, if your thermostat cycles your climate systems on and off, that’s also a clear sign of internal damage. 

Thermostats are designed to last around a decade before they become outdated. They’ll start struggling to keep a consistent temperature and will likely eat more energy to run a fraction as well. If you suddenly notice a spike in your energy bills for seemingly no reason, it could mean that it’s time to upgrade your thermostat.

Benefits of a Smart Thermostat Installation

A smart thermostat is quickly becoming the norm in the modern home. In prior generations, homeowners could only adjust their home’s temperature from directly within the property. Soon after that, they developed programmable thermostats. However, these technologies were so complicated and hard to use that many buyers tended to go with the older versions. 

Smart thermostats installation takes the technology of their programmable ancestors and improves on it in every way possible. These devices can communicate with your HVAC like a traditional thermostat. At the same time, you can interact with the thermostat through an app on any smart device. Remote access allows you to: 

  • Adjust the temperature from anywhere with WiFi
  • Get personalized energy reports every month 
  • Create automatic and programmable temperature settings

With a smart thermostat, you can craft a home climate that adjusts according to your schedule. They’re an incredibly tech-forward option that’s sure to enhance any home in Corona, and at Friends and Family HVAC, we can install them easily.

Working with Friends & Family HVAC

For the past eight years, Friends & Family HVAC has offered next-level work in heating, cooling, and air quality for homes all around Riverside County. We employ NATE-Certified technicians that are ready to do any job needed to improve our community. 

We do that because our community is our main priority. Even beyond HVAC, we support causes for both local and national improvement. That includes Wounded Warrior, the American Humane Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Cancer Research Institute, and St. Judes. 

So if you want to do work and improve the comfort of your home as well as the lives of your town and country, contact Friends and Family HVAC today. We guarantee a job you can rely on.