Canyon Lake is known for its hot summers. You may visit the lake to cool off and relax or spend an enjoyable afternoon with friends. When you return home, however, you want a cool house.

If your air conditioner cannot keep the home at a comfortable temperature, call us at Friends and Family. We’ll send a technician out to see what the problem is and come up with a solution.

The technician will inspect the unit and come up with a plan for fixing any problems. At times, you might find you need an AC installation. The repairs could be more expensive than you want to pay on an older unit or the unit might not operate efficiently, even when it is fully operational.

If we recommend an AC unit installation, you might have questions. What should you know about this process?

How Much Will My AC Installation Cost?

Customers often ask how much the air conditioning installation in Canyon Lake will cost them. We cannot provide an answer to this question until we visit the home, as many factors play a role in the price.

System Efficiency

The efficiency of the selected system plays a role in the amount you will pay for your AC unit installation. Manufacturers measure the unit’s efficiency in SEER, so this is the number you need to look at.

While a high-efficiency system costs more at the time of purchase, your energy bill will be less each month. A system that isn’t as efficient to run costs less when you buy it, but you will pay more to run it each month.

Our technician will work with you to find the efficiency level you are comfortable with that remains within your budget. Nobody knows your needs and budget better than you do, so we allow you to make the final decision.

System Size

Air conditioning units come in a range of sizes. You must know the correct size for your home, and our technician will help you determine this with the help of a load calculation. An AC system that isn’t properly sized for the residence will cost more to operate. In addition, it will not last as long as a properly sized system. Our technicians undergo training to ensure they know how to find the right unit for any project they tackle.

Ductwork Considerations

When our technicians examine the cooling system, they inspect the ductwork to determine if it needs repairs or modifications. If they find your ductwork needs repairs or modifications, this will increase the cost of the AC installation.

We only recommend this work when it is necessary. If the ductwork leaks or has other problems, the AC replacement must work harder to cool the home. It cannot do so effectively. By correcting the ductwork problems, you can ensure the home reaches the desired temperature without putting additional stress on the unit.

Our team can address any ductwork issues. You won’t need to work with multiple HVAC providers to get your AC installation up and running. We’ll do it all to save you time and money.

AC Installation Options

Many homes in Canyon Lake have central air conditioning. However, consider investing in a ductless mini-split system today.

Central air conditioning units rely on ductwork to distribute cool air throughout the home, so all rooms in the residence remain at the same temperature. These systems have indoor and outdoor units, each with its own purpose. In addition, this system reduces the humidity in the home.

However, this type of system uses a large amount of energy. In addition, problems with the ductwork can lead to the home not cooling properly. As a result, many people today choose to purchase a ductless mini-split system for their AC installation project.

When the time comes to purchase an AC replacement, don’t overlook a ductless mini-split system. This option is ideal for homes with major ductwork issues that would need to be resolved before replacing the central air conditioning. It is also the perfect air conditioning installation option for older homes that lack ductwork.

Each room or zone receives its own indoor unit, so you don’t need to cool rooms that aren’t being used. This allows you to save on energy bills. Nevertheless, multiple units are part of this installation project, and each unit is visible in the room in which we install it.

Our technician will help you analyze the benefits and drawbacks of each option, so you get the right unit for your home. We take all factors into consideration when making a recommendation and will share what we feel is the best choice. However, we install whichever unit you ultimately decide is right for your needs.

Whether you need AC replacement or have a new AC unit installation project planned, call Friends and Family. We have been serving residents in the area for eight years and work with all major air conditioner makes and models.

Our technicians are NATE-certified, so they do the job right. Call us today to discuss your AC installation needs. We’ll happily answer your questions and help you find the right unit for your lifestyle and your budget.