Every homeowner wants to maximize the lifespan of their air conditioning system, and there’s one way to make that happen: tune-up appointments. 

    A tune-up gives your unit adequate attention from a professional technician every year to see what it might need. Whether cleaning, lubricating, or replacing minor parts, an AC tune-up in Covina, CA, includes everything your AC needs to last for years. 

    Scheduling an annual tune-up is the best way to know your system is functioning perfectly. Friends & Family HVAC is proud to offer a reasonable price for a professional HVAC tune-up in Covina, CA. 

    After our team finishes these services, you’ll see noticeable results, including: 

    • A smoother and quieter operation 
    • Reduced risk for unit failure 
    • More efficiency 

    Keep your air conditioner running smoothly with an AC tune-up in Covina, CA!

    Make a Plan and Schedule Your AC Tune-Up in Covina 

    It’s natural for your AC unit to drop in efficiency as it gets older. The system often has difficulty generating the required amount of cold air as it ages. 

    To see if you’ve been affected by an inefficient air conditioner, take a look at your energy bills from the past few months. If they are significantly higher, your system probably needs maintenance. 

    It’s never too late to contact Friends & Family HVAC. We’ll schedule an appointment and make a plan for when and how often we should complete a tune-up for your system.  

    Primary Benefits of an AC Tune-Up 

    Many homeowners want to know the benefits of scheduling an air conditioning in Covina, CA. Although the list could go on, these are the primary benefits you’ll receive when you schedule your appointment with our team:  

    Fewer Repairs 

    One of the most favorable benefits of regular tune-ups is that it reduces the number of repairs you’ll need. Our technicians are very thorough during your AC tune-up appointment. We’ll likely find any problem and repair it before it becomes catastrophic. 

    More Efficient Operation 

    When there’s a glitch in your air conditioning system, it causes your AC to work harder to achieve the ideal temperature. Our experts will repair those imperfections during regular tune-up appointments and get your unit running at peak performance levels.   

    Extended Lifespan 

    Most homeowners don’t want to invest in a new AC system anytime soon. You need to stay current with your tune-up appointments to make that happen. 

    The majority of the units we replace result from a lack of proper maintenance. Friends & Family HVAC experts can provide the AC tune-up services you need to keep your unit running as long as possible. 

    Reduce Energy Costs 

    Because the unit’s efficiency improves after a tune-up, you may notice a decline in the amount of energy it uses. This is noticeable when you receive your monthly bill, which should decrease. AC tune-ups allow our team to get your system in peak condition, utilizing the least amount of energy.  

    Improvement in Indoor Air Quality 

    During the months your air conditioner is idle, dirt and dust settle in the system. The first time you kick it on, those tiny particles are expelled into your living space and the air you breathe. 

    This can lessen your indoor air quality and irritate any allergy symptoms. A tune-up prevents this from happening.  

    What Happens During an AC Tune-Up in Covina, CA? 

    When a Friends & Family HVAC team member arrives for your appointment, they’ll likely check a combination of components. They’ll ensure the condensate drain isn’t blocked, clean the coils, and check that temperatures produced are within an acceptable range. 

    Other services may include rinsing the outdoor unit, changing or cleaning air filters, and completing a preventive check for any problems. 

    Our technician will also complete the following services: 

    • Check refrigerant levels 
    • Clean and inspect all electrical parts 
    • Remove debris from around the unit 
    • Scan for any cracks or leaks 
    • Check the blower motor and clean it if necessary

    If any issues are detected, we will give you honest advice on how to handle them.  

    If it is not a substantial issue, it will likely be repaired the same day. More significant problems will require a separate service appointment since we may need to order replacement parts. 

    No matter what, you can expect that our highly trained technicians will honestly answer your questions, behave professionally, and treat your home with care. 

    How Long Will the Appointment Take? 

    We understand your time is valuable, so our HVAC specialists will arrive promptly to begin your AC tune-up. You can expect them to be there for about one hour. However, this can vary based on a few things: 

    • Type of air conditioner
    • Size of your home 
    • Time elapsed since your last tune-up 
    • Any minor repairs being completed 

    We make every effort to complete the services quickly, but we are thorough, and that takes time. 

    Get Your Air Conditioner Ready for the Summer — Schedule Your AC-Tune Up in Covina, CA 

    Ideally, spring is the best time to schedule your AC tune-up, so don’t put off calling Friends & Family HVAC! We’re committed to excellence and proud to serve the families in Covina, CA. Give us a call today.