Life is full of complications. Things don’t always work out according to plan. You may find yourself frustrated more often than you’d care to admit. We know the drill. An air conditioner that won’t cool your house down is one of those moments that frustrate you. 

We may not be able to rid your life of all difficulties, but we can make sure your house stays cool so you can fight your battles comfortably. Friends & Family HVAC is a family-orientated HVAC company that offers the best AC repair services in Temecula, CA.

Signs That You Need an AC Repair

Your AC may not show obvious signs that it needs a repair. The signs may be subtle, even hard to notice. Friends & Family HVAC’s team has trained eyes, and they will spot these problems quickly!

Power Supply Problems

If your air conditioning system won’t go off or won’t go on, give us a call.  The cooling system and thermostat may just need to reconnect. It could also be more technical. Regardless, you should call us as soon as possible.

Increased Costs

If you notice that your electricity bills are higher than normal, give us a call, and we’ll take a look at your system. If the system hasn’t been properly maintained each year, the rate that your AC uses energy will increase. You may need an AC replacement instead of an air conditioning repair. 

Uneven Air Flow

If your home is unevenly cooled, one of the vents might be blocked. You can identify the source of the problem by putting your hand under each vent to discern whether or not cool air is blowing out. The vent may only need a clean-up, or it could be a systematical error that requires expert AC repair. 

No Cool Air

If you notice warm or room-temperature air blowing out, you should call us. The AC likely needs a refrigerant refill or a recharge. Other possible causes for this need professional eyes and hands to take care of. Call Friends & Family HVAC today for specialized AC repair services in Temecula. 

Poor Air Quality

If you are coughing and sneezing or having severe allergy symptoms, your air quality at home is not up to standard. Your air filter may need to replace. The air filter collects dust and pollen from the outside air so it does not come into your home; however, if you are finding dust and pollen, your air filter is clogged. This can affect your health and requires immediate air conditioning repairs.

Odd Noises

If the noise from your AC is louder than usual and includes vibrating, popping, or scraping, you should keep your AC off until you can find a reliable AC repair service. Leaving the AC on despite the noises can damage your AC further. Give us a call to get that checked out. 

High Humidity Levels

Part of what an air conditioning system does is remove humidity from the air indoors. Humid environments allow for bacteria and mold to thrive. Given enough time, this can affect your indoor air quality as well as your health. If your home’s humidity levels don’t drop below 30 percent, you need to call is for a possible AC repair. Your AC may have an internal malfunction or a serious fault. Call us today to get a sound conclusion. 

AC Repair Near Me

If you’re in Temecula and you need emergency AC repairs, Friends & Family HVAC will respond promptly. We pride ourselves on our outstanding AC services in Temecula, CA. Our certified technicians know what they are doing and are up to date with advanced conditions and protocols.

The Importance of Regular Maintenance

Air conditioners function best when they are well maintained. This ranges from regular cleaning to upgrading old parts. Your AC unit should be serviced once a year for optimal performance. Although anything can go wrong in the system despite regular annual services, it can certainly lower the chances of these malfunctions occurring. In the long-run, annual service prolongs the life of your much-needed AC unit.  

Contact Friends & Family HVAC Today for your AC Repairs

We guarantee that if aren’t able to repair your AC system, you won’t have to pay. If your AC breaks down when you need it most, we are here for you. We are at your service and we are friendly too!

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