Nobody wants to return home on a hot summer day in Sun City only to find their air conditioner isn’t working. Sadly, if the owner doesn’t have an AC tune-up at least once each year, they increase the likelihood of this happening. Don’t make this mistake. Call Friends and Family HVAC today for a tune-up and know the system will work when needed.

How Often Should a Homeowner Request an AC Tune-Up in Sun City?

Homeowners should have an AC tune-up twice a year in Sun City. The average low in December is 34 degrees Fahrenheit, while the temperature often climbs to 98 degrees Fahrenheit or higher in July and August. This means the homeowner uses a heat pump throughout the year.

Even those homes that have separate heating and cooling systems should have their units checked once in the spring and once in the fall. This provides the homeowner with peace of mind, as they know their home will remain comfortable regardless of the season.

Why Air Conditioners Need Regular Tune-Ups

Air conditioning units contain many moving parts. When one part fails, it may affect other parts and lead to a breakdown. During this tune-up, the technician inspects all moving parts and lubricates them. If they find any problems, they can correct them before the unit sustains additional damage.

The Benefits of an AC Tune-Up

Many benefits come with a tune-up. The first thing a homeowner will notice is the home cools more evenly, and the temperature remains more stable. The technician addresses anything interfering with proper airflow during the tune-up to ensure this is the case.

The unit won’t need to work as hard following a tune-up. It runs more efficiently, which will help homeowners save on their energy bills each month. As the unit isn’t working as hard, it should last longer, which also saves the owner money.

Following an AC tune-up, the occupants of the home find the indoor air quality improves. During the tune-up, the technician removes any dirt and debris that could make its way through the system. Although the filter works to remove these contaminants, it may miss some. The tune-up reduces the risk of the contaminants making their way throughout the home.

The technician identifies any potential problems during a tune-up. This allows the owner to have repairs completed before the system breaks down. Furthermore, catching small problems before they create bigger issues within the unit helps keep repair costs under control.

Furthermore, homeowners typically find they must have the AC professionally maintained to keep the manufacturer’s warranty in place. A manufacturer won’t guarantee a product if they don’t know it is being cared for. Having the unit professionally tuned up protects the warranty.

What an AC Tune-Up Involves

When the technician visits the home, they recalibrate the thermostat and check the air filter. If the filter needs cleaning or replacement, they handle this task. In addition, they add liquids where needed. 

The technician inspects the components of the system to make certain they are working properly. They report any potential problems to the homeowner and make repair or replacement recommendations.

During this visit, the technician cleans the blower motor and checks the system for leaks or cracks. In addition, they clean any debris from around the outside unit. They also complete other tasks as needed.

Tasks Homeowners Should Complete

Homeowners need to do their part in keeping their air conditioners up and running. This doesn’t take much time. However, it keeps the system running efficiently and extends its lifespan.

Change the air filters monthly. Clogged filters interfere with proper airflow and make the system work harder than it should. Talk with an HVAC technician to see which filters to use and how often they need to be changed.

Many people find changing them monthly is enough, but other people might need to change them more often. This includes individuals with allergies and those who have pets.

Remove any debris from around the exterior unit. Cut back trees and shrubs so they don’t encroach on it.

When the technician comes to do the AC tune-up, ask if they have other maintenance recommendations. They will happily provide suggestions to keep the air conditioner in good operating condition.

Call today for an AC tune-up. This is one task a homeowner should never put off. Doing so could be costly and lead to a system breakdown. As nobody wants this on a hot summer day, it’s best to make this call early. This ensures the homeowner knows the system works as it should when the temperature climbs.