September 20, 2020

Air purifiers are necessary for indoor spaces where there has been an increase in pollutants and allergens. Metropolitan towns are experiencing an increase in pollution, making them squalid. In such areas, air purifiers are playing a great role in purifying the toxic indoor air. Here is a guide on how to choose the best air purifier for your household.

Why an Air Purifier Is Significant

Indoor air has become more detrimental than outdoor air. Deodorants, inkjet printers, and cleaning agents are polluting indoor air. Air purifiers have become beneficial for people who have asthma, allergies, and other respiratory infections. Purifiers control the air quality, getting rid of pet dander, pollen, allergens, and dust. Some air purifiers remove unpleasant odors such as paint from your house as well.

Choosing an Air Purifier

People require air purifiers for different reasons. Here are some recommendations for air purifiers for various cases.

  • Allergic and asthmatic individuals should select an air purifier with HEPA filters. They should avoid ozone-based purifiers.
  • People on dialysis and those with low immunity should use air filters with pre-filter and HEPA filters. HEPA filters eliminate 100% of allergens.
  • If you live in a construction area, select an air purifier with a strong pre-filter. Frequently change the pre-filter, too.
  • Air purifiers with activated carbon filters are suitable for people living in industrial areas. These filters absorb odors from the air.
  • If you have a pet, your air purifier should have a strong pre-filter to filter pet dander and hair.

Relationship Between Room Size and Air Purifier Size

Before purchasing an air purifier, consider the size of your house. If your home is big, you will require a larger air purifier. For optimal performance, ensure the air purifier will operate in a room 40% larger. Further, the choice of air purifier should fit the room’s specifications. A bedroom air purifier should make less noise. For the living room, the air purifier should have different settings to change when the space is not occupied.

Installing an air purifier requires the expertise and knowledge of a professional. At Friends & Family HVAC, we offer installation, repair, and upgrade services for air purifiers in Corona, CA. We can also provide you with indoor air quality solutions. To learn more about air purifiers, contact us today. Content published by HVAC Marketing.

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