October 20, 2020

Although most people don’t treat them as such, air conditioners are a modern luxury. Having grown used to them, it’s easy to put off preventative maintenance for AC systems. If you fall into this category, there’s still hope for your household’s air conditioning. Going forward, keep an eye out for these common signs that your HVAC system needs cleaning.

1. Respiratory Issues or Decreased Quality of Life

When “air quality” comes to mind, what do you think of? If you’re like most people in Southern California, you think of smog and man-made pollution. You may be surprised to learn that low indoor air quality can decrease your quality of life and cause health issues.

Common issues caused by dirty ductwork and poorly maintained air conditioning systems are out-of-season allergies and increased symptoms of asthma. Other respiratory issues, headaches and general discomfort could also be signs that your AC system needs to be cleaned.

You should, of course, visit a physician if you’re experiencing health issues. No doctor can clean out your air conditioning system, however.

2. Poor Airflow

New air conditioners blow stronger air than their older, outdated counterparts. You might be willing to write off poor airflow as a normal part of your air conditioner’s life cycle.

Air conditioners, especially central HVAC systems, have long lives. Manufacturers build these appliances to endure cold winters, years of rain and snow and other harsh conditions.

If your home’s supply of cool air doesn’t flow as strong as it used to, a thorough cleaning could return its performance to normal. Let us, Corona’s very own Friends & Family HVAC, clean your air conditioning unit and ductwork. After we’re done, you could improve indoor air quality, boost AC performance and even lower your utility bills.

3. Increased Utility Bills

Electricity prices are static. You can expect your utility bill to change over time. Unexplained utility bill hikes, however, could be explained by dirty AC systems. Dust, pollen and other debris could clog your air conditioning system, causing it to use more power.

If you’re having any of these HVAC issues, we can help. Friends & Family HVAC is Corona’s trusted provider of heating and cooling repair, maintenance and installation services. Contact us today! We are happy to help serve your home comfort needs.

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