Murrieta, CA may not be the place to go if you want to have snow at Christmas time or to see a Polar bear in the wild. Temperatures don’t often drop below freezing, but that doesn’t mean it won’t still get cold during the winter. Temperatures can drop when you least expect them to, leaving you rushing to turn on the heater. But what happens when you turn the thermostat up and your furnace doesn’t kick on? Your old furnace may be in need of a replacement. At Friends & Family HVAC, we offer furnace installation in Murrieta, CA for situations just like yours.

Our Furnace Installation Services

At Friends & Family HVAC, we specialize in pairing the right furnaces with the right homes. We look at your budget and your home to come up with affordable solutions that will keep the whole family comfortable throughout the winter. There are quality, efficient systems in every category and we can install all of them with our heater installation in Murrieta, CA.

Is it Time for a Furnace Installation?

When your furnace refuses to turn on, we don’t always point you in the direction of a furnace installation. In fact, many times the problem can be quickly fixed and you’ll be back to enjoying heat again in a few hours. But there are times when a furnace installation is something that we’ll strongly recommend both because of comfort and affordability.

Furnace repairs aren’t always cheap, and they can add up if you have to keep calling to have your furnace fixed. A heating installation is a good idea if you’ve had to repair your heater a few times over the last couple of years. We might also suggest a replacement if your system needs a major repair.

A furnace installation is also a good idea in cases of poor efficiency. You don’t want a heater that costs a fortune to run because it is old and inefficient. A new furnace may bring your energy bills down and make your whole house warmer. We are always happy to go over your options with you until you feel comfortable with your decision.

What Is Included in Our Furnace Installations?

When it’s time for you to schedule a furnace installation in Murrieta, CA, you may wonder what our installations look like at Friends & Family HVAC. After you call our team, we will get busy finding the right heater for your home. The size of your home, your specific heating needs, and your budget will all be factored in when we make recommendations.

We always make sure to recommend a furnace that is the right size for your home. We never try to oversell you, but we’re also careful to make sure the furnace we put in will be big enough to efficiently heat your whole home.

We will come in and remove your old heater, clean up the area, and get it ready for your new furnace. We have professional installations that go above and beyond other installations in the area. We take care to make sure every step is done meticulously. We know that your furnace will only perform its best when it’s installed correctly.

After the installation, think of us as your friends and family that are always around to help you with any other problems you might have. Call us any time you need furnace maintenance, repairs, or any other services.

Choosing Our Heater Installation in Murrieta, CA

We are proud of the team of HVAC technicians that we have at Friends & Family. Every technician is Nate-Certified. Not only do they have the highest professional certifications, but they also have the courtesy that Friends & Family HVAC is known for.

We want to do more than just install furnaces. We want to positively impact the community. That is why we contribute to organizations such as Wounded Warrior, the American Humane Society, Big Brothers Big Sisters, the Cancer Research Institute, and St. Jude’s. Every time you schedule a service with us, you’re also contributing to these causes.

All of our heating installations are backed up with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You’ll get this guarantee in writing so you can be sure we’ll stand behind it. With services that are within your budget, friendly treatment from all our staff, and causes that matter, we are the top choice for furnace installation in Murrieta, CA.

When you need to have a new furnace installed, we would love to hear from you. Give Friends & family HVAC a call or fill out our online form.