Air conditioning remains essential in most American homes today. Without one, you may be considering an AC installation. Many homes today have a split system that incorporates an indoor unit and an outdoor unit. These units work together to cool the home with the help of ductwork.

However, homeowners have more options today when the time comes for an air conditioner installation in Sun City. An experienced technician will help each client find the right system for their needs. What must the technician consider when making this determination?

How Does a Central Cooling System Work?

The central cooling system comes with a condenser coil and compressor in an outdoor unit. An evaporator coil sits within the indoor unit. The compressor holds refrigerant.

When warm air from the home blows across the evaporator coil, the heat energy moves to the refrigerant inside this coil. As it does so, it cools the air. The refrigerant then transfers back to the compressor where this cycle begins anew.

The system blows cool air into the home while transferring the heat to the exterior of the residence. This process also removes any moisture in the air to keep the home at a comfortable temperature. Ductwork present in the home distributes the cool air throughout the residence.

How Does a Mini-Split AC Work?

As with a central cooling system, a mini-split system includes two units. However, the system doesn’t need ductwork to distribute the treated air. They circulate air directly through the indoor units attached to the outdoor unit rather than sending it through ductwork.

Many homeowners choose this option today because they like being able to control the temperature in each room. They don’t need to cool rooms that aren’t in use. This allows them to save on their energy bills.

Factors to Consider During Air Conditioner Installation

An air conditioner installation involves more than removing an existing unit and putting a new one in. The technician must consider the size of the home, window placement in the residence, and vent placement to ensure the new unit can adequately cool the home.

In addition, the technician needs to do a load calculation to determine the size of the system. They consider how the occupants of the home use electricity and decide which system will best meet their needs.

When doing so, they consider the number of windows in the home, any skylights, and what window treatments the homeowner uses. They also consider ceiling height, existing insulation, and the number of people in the home. Other factors also may come into consideration when the technician completes the load calculation.

The home loses a significant amount of treated air through faulty ductwork. Before the technician recommends a system, they inspect the ductwork to determine its size and length. This helps them ensure the new system will provide the desired amount of cooling for the home.

The technician will also talk with the homeowner to see if they want special features or enhancements with their new air conditioner in Sun City. This helps to ensure the owner gets a system that meets their needs in every way. Features the homeowner may consider include things such as remote control to operate the system from a distance.

Has the Time Come for AC Installation?

Homeowners don’t want to invest in air conditioner installation unless they have to. Consider certain things when deciding whether the time has come to replace the existing system.

Many people choose the less expensive option when their unit breaks down and pay for a repair. However, the unit may require regular repairs. It is more cost-efficient to pay for a replacement unit. The money spent on recurring repairs is better used to purchase a new unit.

Air conditioners become obsolete in just a few years. Thanks to advances in the energy sector, an air conditioner is considered grossly inefficient after being in operation for only five or six years. Many owners find it makes sense to upgrade a working unit to benefit from the monthly energy savings.

Consider how all components of an air conditioning unit work together. When one breaks down, it affects other components. Look into replacing all parts of the system simultaneously, so an older component doesn’t affect newer ones. Leaving old parts in place may also affect the warranty coverage, so keep this in mind when determining which option to choose.

An air conditioner installation project is not something any homeowner looks forward to, but it is a necessity in today’s world. When the existing unit malfunctions or breaks down completely, consider having a new unit installed. Many benefits come with doing so, and these benefits make the expense worthwhile.