January 5, 2021

As long as it’s working properly, you probably don’t think much about your furnace during the wintertime. However, operating your furnace with a dirty filter puts your heating system at risk for malfunctions, inefficiency and a shorter lifespan. Our skilled technicians at Friends & Family HVAC offer these tips on how frequently you should change the furnace filter in your Corona, CA, home.

Inspect the Filter Monthly

Set a reminder for yourself on your smartphone or laptop to check your furnace filter on the same date of each month, such as the first Saturday. During the peak heating season, your furnace will perform a lot of heating cycles. With each heating cycle, the filter traps more debris. Frequently checking the filter allows you to take action as soon as it’s dirty.

Change the Filter When Debris Is Visible

If you see that the pores of the furnace filter are filled with dust and debris on your monthly inspection, remove and replace the filter. Avoid going more than three months between filter changes. In most homes, the filter will need to be changed once per month during the coldest part of the winter season.

Consider the Filter’s Thickness

The thicker the filter, the longer it can go between changes. In general, a 1- to 2-inch filter needs to be replaced every month. It has fewer pores, and they’ll fill up faster. A 3- to 4-inch filter should be replaced every two to three months. The thickest filters, which are 5 to 6 inches thick, should last for three months between changes. However, if you see that your thick furnace filter is filled with debris after just two months, go ahead and replace it then.

At Friends & Family HVAC, we’re proud to offer reliable heating and cooling maintenance plans, repairs, replacements and installations. You can also count on us for affordable indoor air quality solutions, ventilation systems and diagnostic support. To learn more about the importance of furnace filters and when to change them, get in touch with us at Friends & Family HVAC.

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