February 8, 2021
Indoor air quality naturally

When picturing air pollution, most people think of smoggy cities and other outdoor areas. However, the indoor air quality of your home is likely up to 10 times worse than that of the outdoors. There are natural ways to improve indoor air quality while spending little to no money.

Open a Window

Simply opening a window when possible will quickly improve your home’s air quality. Even in the winter, you should open it when possible as it’s a free way to reduce air pollution. It’s especially important to open windows when using conventional cleaning products.

Buy Used Furniture

Fabrics, paints and glue in new furniture release volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into your home’s air. VOCs irritate your respiratory system and are unhealthy. Buy used furniture as new furniture releases VOCs for a couple of years.

Use Cooking Fans

As many indoor air pollutants come from cooking, always turn the fan on above your stove when making something. Gas stoves release carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide. You can also open a window to help reduce indoor air pollution from cooking.

Keep Floors Clean

Carpets collect dirt, harmful pollutants and other things tracked indoors. Use a vacuum with a HEPA Filter. Regularly mop your other floors. Use a doormat and have people take their shoes off when entering your home.

Dust Regularly

Dust collects on any surface in your home. Dust the top and sides of furniture, ceiling fans and other places where it collects before you vacuum. Wash bedding weekly at the hot setting of your clothes washer. Beat rugs and cushions against the outside of your home to release dust.

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