November 17, 2020

Today’s wide world of HVAC systems and components represents quite the technological leap from years ago. As we’ve come into a period of even more rapid advancement, we thought now would be a great time to take a slight pause and draw attention to some of the newest innovations to hit the HVAC industry. The following represent some of the most recent and impressive advancements we’ve seen.

Sensor-Enhanced Vents

As the name implies, sensor-enhanced vents are ones that utilize built-in sensors to further regulate indoor temperature control. Using this new HVAC tech, homeowners can easily check on and control the climate in individual rooms. In short, it all works by communicating with a central communications point in the system, the Ecovent Smart Hub, and then automatically closing or opening vents in each room per the homeowner’s preferences.

Dual Fuel Heat Pumps

Dual fuel heat pumps are another great HVAC advancement that combine the convenience and efficiency of a traditional heat pump system with a high-efficiency gas furnace system. This setup works by utilizing electricity to heat the home when temperatures are only moderately cold outside and then switching to gas heat if the outdoor temperatures drop to lower levels and generate more demand. In areas where electricity costs are lower and the temperatures don’t stay extremely cold all through the winter, these systems bring even more energy efficiency to the home.

Smart HVAC Systems

Finally, we’ve seen many products become “smart” in recent years, and HVAC systems have been no exception to this upgrade trend. Smart HVAC systems provide an array of new tools, such as automatic temperature and thermostat control, sensors that know if you’re home or not and how to subsequently run the system, and now, systems that give real-time feedback about the condition of their parts and when service work will next need to be performed. This maintenance feedback feature is particularly exciting in that it truly helps homeowners to stay on top of their systems’ needs without having to become HVAC experts.

If you live or have a business in the greater Corona, CA, area, Friends & Family HVAC stands at the ready to help with any HVAC service needs you may have. From service work on all types and brands of heaters and air conditioning systems to expert consultations and advanced system renovations and installations work, we have you covered. If you are interested in upgrading to some of these great advancements, we stay on top of the cutting edge and offer these newest additions as well. We can also help you with indoor air quality and ventilation. Give us a call today, and never be without a cozy indoor climate again.

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