California may have mildly cold winters, but that doesn’t mean you can brave them without a functional furnace. You still need a good furnace to give you the comfort you deserve and get you through the cold months. If you don’t have a heating system at the moment, or your current one is on its last leg, Friends & Family HVAC can help you with your furnace installation. We want to help you turn these frigid months into cozy days.

If you are looking for someone to assist you with your furnace installation, leave it to the experts at Friends & Family HVAC. We will do a great job and won’t charge you a fortune either. Count on us to provide reliable heater installations in Menifee, CA.

Types of Furnace Installations

Installing a new furnace is a big investment that requires a lot of time and attention to make a good decision. There are various types and sizes to choose from. Each one has unique benefits to bring to your home. You may just need a reliable guide to help you pick the right one for you. Trust Friends & Family HVAC to be that guide. Here are a few types of furnaces:

Gas Furnaces

This is an economical option that can save more energy than any other furnace. If you are looking for ways to reduce your carbon footprint and cut back on those sky-high electricity bills. A gas furnace is also the most popular heating system, and for good reason! However, the installation cost may be slightly higher than another heating installation, and it may even cost more if you don’t have municipal gas lines on your property. In addition to that, some homeowners feel that this type of furnace is unsafe due to possible gas leaks, but there are many ways to use it safely.

Oil Furnaces

Oil furnaces are not as energy efficient as gas furnaces, but they are the preferred choice among homeowners without gas lines. They also cost less to install and are still considered to be environmentally friendly.

Electric Furnaces

These furnaces are by far the cheapest and easiest to install. They also have longer lifespans than gas and oil furnaces. In addition to those advantages, they are safer to use without the risk of gas leaks. However, electric furnaces will cost much more each month. They use a lot of electricity to keep your home warm. If the environment is your main concern, this is not the best option for your family. 

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing A Furnace

Size of the Furnace

In order to heat your home adequately and maintain those utility bills, you want to get the perfect-sized furnace for your home. Install one that is too big, and your utility bills will be through the roof. On the other hand, install one that is too small, and your home won’t heat up fast enough. Contact Friends & Family HVAC, and our technicians will assess several aspects of your home, such as the size and number of windows, to ensure that you get the best heating installation. We will also make sure that you get the most energy-efficient model your budget will allow. 

Signs That You Need A Furnace Replacement

Some homeowners wait until their furnaces break down to replace them. This could happen in the middle of winter when the temperatures drop and make your home uncomfortably cold. You can start the process of installing your new furnace as soon as you see signs that it needs a replacement.

For example, if your utility bills have increased drastically compared to previous years, it means that your furnace is working harder and using more energy. This happens with old and outdated furnaces that struggle to keep up. It is also a bad sign when you call for furnace repairs too often in the year. You can save time and money by replacing your furnace instead of repairing the same faults. 

If you hear odd noises and have problems turning your furnace on, you should call Friends & Family HVAC soon to inspect your furnace and let you know if your need a new furnace installation. Trust us to give you an honest assessment of your furnace’s condition.

Reliable Furnace Installations in Menifee, CA

Allow the experts at Friends & Family HVAC to provide the best furnace installation California has to offer.

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