Few things are as frustrating as needing a furnace repair because your furnace that won’t switch on when it’s a cold winter’s day. Appliances always tend to break when you need them most. We can’t stop your furnace from breaking down, but we can offer solutions to your problem.

You have no doubt experienced some icy winters and understand how important it is to have a fully functional furnace. You don’t want to be stuck in a frigid house on a cold winter day with no heater to keep you comfortable. Trust Friends & Family HVAC with all your furnace repairs in Menifee, CA. Our technicians will exceed your expectations and offer the best heating repair! 

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Furnace Repair in Menifee, CA

Your furnace obviously needs attention when it doesn’t heat your home as it should. However, some subtler signs indicate that your furnace needs repairs. Keep your eyes peeled for these common furnace issues.

Problematic Thermostat

A commonly-experienced problem is a faulty thermostat. When your fan constantly seems to be running, but your home doesn’t feel as warm as it should, you may have a malfunctioning thermostat. You can try setting your furnace’s fan to AUTO and double-check that the temperature is correct. If you have tried these tips, but your home is still cold, call Friends & Family HVAC, and we will fix your thermostat in no time. 

Clogged Filters

Dirt can do terrible damage to your furnace. Blocked-up filters reduce the amount of air your furnace can release and decrease its ability to warm your home. Clogged filters can also lead to more serious damage in the future, so ensure that your filter is changed every 3 months or more often if you need to. 

Flickering Pilot Light

Your pilot light needs to be in good condition for your furnace to work properly. If it is yellow or constantly flickers, it could be a sign of excess carbon monoxide in your furnace, if it is gas-powered. This is dangerous and should be dealt with immediately. Call Friends & Family HVAC for the best furnace repairs in Menifee, CA, and we will help keep your family safe!

Faulty Heat Exchanger 

Your heat exchanger separates the warming flame from the air to make sure that your furnace runs smoothly and safely. Overheating your house and failing to replace clogged air filters may cause your heat exchanger to crack. This is a costly problem to fix since you will need a heat exchanger replacement. 

Damaged Blower Belt

The blower belt is the part of the motor that runs your furnace’s fan. As the years go by, blower belts tend to fray or stop working. You can tell you have a damaged blower belt when you hear a high-pitched noise near your furnace when it is on. Give Friends & Family HVAC a call if you hear this noise, so we can replace your blower belt. This is a quick and easy process for our skilled technicians. 


If your furnace switches on and off frequently, even after it has just finished a cycle, you may have a clogged air filter or are setting your furnace’s temperature too high or too low. This will lead to an increase in your utility bill due to this issue. Be sure to contact Friends & Family HVAC to remedy this. 

Not Releasing Air

There is a long list of possible reasons for a furnace that won’t release air. The most common cause is a clogged blower. You can inspect your furnace and ensure that your blower is clear of debris and dirt so air can flow without letup. If your blower flashes red, call a professional for furnace repair in Menifee, CA.

Worn Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are used to ensure that your furnace motor works properly. After some time, these ball bearings may become worn out and need to be replaced by an HVAC technician. If you hear a loud scraping or grinding sound near your furnace, refrain from using it until a technician can repair it. 

Unpleasant Noises

If you hear a rattling or popping sound near your furnace, you may have loose panels. They may just need to be tightened. However, the problem could be with your ducts. The sounds could be coming from the expanding and contracting of the ducts. It is best to call a professional HVAC technician if these noises get louder or occur too often. 

Reliable Furnace Repairs in Menifee, CA

If our technicians can’t fix your furnace, you can be sure that we will offer a suitable heater installation in Menifee, CA. Your comfort is important to us!

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