California summers can be a furnace of their own. Summer can make your home hot and stuffy. At Friends & Family HVAC, we know that having an HVAC unit provides more than just comfort; it improves your quality of life during the sizzling summers. You can make the smart choice about heating and cooling systems by contacting us for trustworthy AC Services in Menifee. 

As a family-orientated HVAC company, we understand how much you care about your home and loved ones. That is why we will do everything we can to make your home not only livable; we want to make it loveable.

Call us at (951) 356-7313 or schedule an AC Services in Menifee on our website. We will send one of our friendly experts out to your home for a quotation.

Our AC Services 

From heat pump repairs to furnace installations – Friends & Family HVAC offers it all. Whether it’s new residential AC installations or repairs of old AC units, Friends & Family HVAC has you covered. If you need AC installations in Menifee, CA, our well-equipped team will walk you through the process step-by-step! Installing an HVAC unit requires an expert to ensure that it is done safely. Call Friends & Family HVAC today to have an HVAC unit when you need it most. 

Air Conditioning Services in Menifee

You can enjoy the summers of California with a new air conditioner installation. Air conditioners are complex systems that require expert hands to install, maintain and repair. Friends & Family HVAC has just what you need!

Air Conditioning Installation

Do not melt away in the California heat without air conditioning. Get a quotation today for an AC installation in Menifee. If your AC is too old to be repaired, we recommend an AC replacement. Contact Friends & Family HVAC today to discuss options that suit your needs. Air conditioning installations with Friends & Family are easier than ever. We know the ins and outs of new residential AC units. You won’t go wrong with us!

Air Conditioning Repair

If your AC unit is blowing warm air out, one of our experts will try to determine the cause of the problem with an inspection. Choose us for the best AC repair in Menifee. Our friendly team will discuss the latest HVAC technology if a repair won’t cut it and you need an AC replacement.

Air Conditioning Maintenance & Tune-Ups

AC maintenance and tune-ups in Menifee should happen annually to prolong your AC’s life. AC tune-ups are annual services that clean up some dust and mold that may have clogged the filters during winter. We also check up on the components to ensure that they are working properly. You can also maintain your AC unit’s life by ensuring that air filtration is possible. An air filter will collect dust and mold so that your AC unit does not get blocked up. The air filter should be changed regularly for the best results.

Heating Services in Menifee

Furnace Installation & Replacement

If your furnace keeps needing repairs, it may require a furnace replacement. Friends & Family HVAC know that this is a big decision and an expensive investment. Therefore, we will answer all your questions about a suitable furnace replacement. 

Furnace Repair

If your furnace releases cool air or makes a strange humming noise, you should contact an HVAC company immediately. A faulty furnace can be dangerous. We will come to your aid with emergency furnace repairs so you and your family can stay warm and, more importantly, safe.

Furnace Maintenance & Tune-Ups

We recommend a furnace tune-up annually as a well-maintained furnace will be with you for years. It is best to do a furnace tune-up just before winter so that it is in working order when you need it most. Our experts will clean the system and check that all the systems work as they should. Friends & Family HVAC is here for all your furnace maintenance needs. We love keeping HVAC units well-maintained.

Additional Services in Menifee

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If you need AC or furnace repairs near Menifee, Friends & Family HVAC is the company to call! With us, summer will be refreshing, and winter will be cozy. 

Call us at (951) 356-7313 or schedule an AC Services in Menifee on our website. We would love to hear from you!