We all have a routine that keeps us functioning at our best. Whether it’s a hot cup of coffee in the morning or a regular oil change for the car, it’s essential to keep stress at a minimum. Why should your air conditioner be treated any differently?  

    Every homeowner should establish a routine that includes an AC tune-up in Ontario, CA, to help keep your system in peak condition. This allows HVAC technicians to tend to anything the system needs before it gets out of hand. 

    Whether adding extra lubrication to a sticky part or cleaning a coil, Friends & Family HVAC is ready to provide you with an air conditioning tune-up in Ontario, CA. 

    Prevent Inefficiency with an AC Tune-Up in Ontario, CA  

    Most things get a little creaky as they age, including your air conditioner. A common problem occurs when your AC cannot produce enough cold air to keep your home comfortable. By reviewing your past few energy bills, you can tell if your AC is inefficient. 

    There may be a significant and unwanted increase in your expenses, which indicates that you need to schedule a tune-up appointment with a local professional.   

    Friends & Family HVAC is ready to help. We’ll get your appointment on the books and then create a plan for the frequency of service for your air conditioner. 

    An AC Tune-Up Provides Many Benefits  

    Everyone wants to know what they get by investing in a service. You may notice the following benefits with an HVAC tune-up in Ontario, CA, completed by Friends & Family HVAC.  

    Prevents Future Repairs 

    Our expert HVAC specialists have extensive training and experience with many systems. They’ll inspect the entire system as they complete your tune-up, identifying any minor problems. Making these repairs now will help stop it from becoming a major issue down the road.  

    More Reliable Performance 

    Because tune-up appointments identify minor issues before they get out of control, it helps your AC system operate more efficiently. You may notice more evenly distributed air throughout your home, creating a comfortable environment for you and your family.  

    Extended Lifespan 

    Air conditioners are designed to provide comfort between ten and 15 years. Scheduling regular tune-ups will help increase your AC system’s chances of lasting as long as possible. 

    Reduce Energy Costs 

    After an AC tune-up, your system works at its best, meaning it doesn’t work as hard to produce your ideal temperature. This efficiency reduces the amount of time your AC runs each day, which reduces the amount of energy it consumes. This translates into less money spent each month on energy costs for homeowners. 

    Improvement in Indoor Air Quality 

    An idle air conditioner is a perfect space for dirt, dust, and pet dander to settle. When it turns on for the first time on a hot day, those particles enter your home, including the air you breathe. 

    Before the weather changes, schedule an HVAC tune-up in Ontario, CA, to achieve better air quality for you and your family. 

    What Happens During an AC Tune-Up in Ontario, CA? 

    When an HVAC specialist from Friends & Family HVAC arrives, the first order of business is completing a comprehensive system inspection. A skilled service technician can identify any potential hazards that you may overlook now but will lead to a system failure in the future. 

    Your technician will replace the air filter and clean any dirt and gunk accumulated while the AC has been shut off. The following additional tasks will be completed during the appointment:   

    • Tighten any loose electrical connections 
    • Check for safety hazards 
    • Calibrate the controls 
    • Check the thermostat is producing accurate readouts 
    • Lubricate moving parts 
    • Check refrigerant levels 
    • Clean the drain line and drain pan
    • Align and clean blower components
    • Clean the evaporator and condenser coils

    During this cleaning and inspection, your technician will provide you with options to resolve the problem if any issues are identified. If minor repairs are needed, repairs can often be completed on the same day. Extensive repairs may be scheduled for a later date because replacement parts may need to be ordered.   

    Regardless of the results of your inspection, you can rest assured that your technician will always answer questions honestly, act professionally, and respect your property. 

    Duration of an HVAC Tune-Up 

    Your time is important, and we respect that. You can expect your technician to arrive on time for your scheduled appointment. Typically, a tune-up takes approximately one hour to complete, but that time can vary based on a few factors: 

    • Type of air conditioning system 
    • Your home’s size 
    • When your unit was last serviced 
    • The extent of minor repairs needed 

    While we want to complete the tune-up as quickly as possible, we also want to inspect every component to ensure we don’t miss anything. 

    Help Your Air Conditioner Last Longer — Schedule Your AC-Tune Up in Ontario, CA

    Your air conditioner is an investment you want to protect, so don’t hesitate to schedule your tune-up appointment. Call Friends & Family HVAC for exceptional customer service and quality workmanship. Schedule your appointment today!