April 5, 2021

Air conditioning units are among the most commonly used appliances during the summers in the Corona area. It can be challenging to get through the harsh hot months without a functional air conditioner. Consequently, more homeowners are installing AC systems in their homes for enhanced comfort. However, before you invest in your home’s air conditioner, it’s wise to learn the system’s vital parts and how they function.


The evaporator is located inside your home and near the furnace. The AC’s component links with the condenser through a thin pipe. The low-pressure liquid converts into a gas again after reaching the evaporator. The refrigerant gets rid of the heat from the air to cool it off, and then it gets out of the evaporator in gas form for compression by the AC’s compressor.


The compressor is known as the engine of an AC system. It works with a working fluid to convert gas into a liquid. An AC compressor’s primary role is to change low-pressure gas into high-pressure gas that contains high temperatures. The molecule gaps narrow down and create energized gas or refrigerant that gets out of the compressor into the condenser.

Blowing Unit and Air Handler

The components function in a cycle to bring warm air into the AC and remove the cool air into your home. The air handler and blowing unit are designed to equalize the distribution of cold air throughout your home. The blower then pulls indoor air back into the air conditioner for re-cooling.

Condenser Coil

The condenser coil is fitted with a fan that converts high-pressure gas into a liquid after cooling it down. The product then moves into the evaporator. The condenser coil is located outside your home.

Now that you know some important parts of your air conditioning system, it’s paramount that you take care of them. Call our technicians for regular maintenance and cleaning to keep all the components functional. We offer furnace repairs, indoor air quality solutions, attic installation and ventilation, installation of air purifiers. Call Friends & Family HVAC today to talk to an experienced technician.

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